jami allen-snyder
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Found Objects

How can I explain the work?
A piece, an object will be found.
Maybe days or weeks later a few more fragments of items.
Then a background will wash up on the shore or poke out of a trash can in the alley.

‘Take me home’, it cries. And I do.
And then - as if by the magic of Tinkerbell’s fairy dust -
all the pieces whirl up and dance together until they land in position.

It’s as simple and as complicated as all that. It’s the way my mind works -
right and left brain in unison to make order out of chaos,
to make art out of found objects.

Art Supplies

My day begins… I dress and walk the beach for an hour
or more depending on the tides
and what the sand and ocean offer me
in the way of treasures.

Some days I can take what I have found,
go back to the studio and immediately
assemble the pieces into their own unique puzzle. But more often,
the articles of the day are washed and sorted into their
proper bins to be used at a later date.

I pick and choose from the shore with more
discrimination than you might imagine.
Yet what I pick and choose is so varied it
defies classification other than to call it
found objects or –
art supplies.

Tactile World

I suppose one of the overwhelming
reactions to my work would be that it
always deals with dimension and texture.
You must reach out and touch what is there.
It calls you back again and again to look at the piece
from a different angle, in a different light.

Every surface - background and foreground - is thought out.
Smooth, rough, a little "dangerous" at times, the world we live in,
the world my pieces come from and inhabit is a world
based on form and texture.
A tactile world.

Imagine…. Create

A dear friend of mine gave me two rocks when I moved into my studio.
On the rocks are imprinted the words
Imagine and Create.
Every day when I walk in I see those words
and follow their instructions.

Imagine – something.... and then Create a piece.
Very simply, I surround myself with stimuli
and let the madness take over the process.

To me the artistic process is a form of re-puzzling – putting things back
together in the way they are now meant to be.

I believe that there is a knack involved in the art of re-puzzlement.
But is it putting things in order?

Or finding an aesthetic balance
to make them dance?

I do my best to keep an aesthetic of beauty and proportion to what I do -
to make the pieces dance in a repuzzlement of wonder and fun.

Imagine.... Create.

The mediums, the madness, the mischief.